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Fall Productions:

2016/17 The Chysalids

2015/16 Conference of the Birds

2014/15 Curious Incident

2013/14 MacBird

2012/13 Princess Bride

2011/12 Stairway to Heaven

2010/11 Play

2009/10 Within the Penumbra - F.D. Schultz

2008/9: Hamlet Collage - adaptation Charles Marowitz

2007/8: Ecstasy of Rita Joe - George Ryga

2006/7: Lotus - adaptation of Deepa Mehta's Water by C. Michalenko & R. Montalbetti

2005/6: Little Mermaid - adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale

2004/5: Gifts of Flame - David Calcutt
The Tale of Mighty Fish and Magic Hawk - Jo Dorras & Peter Walker

2003/4: Christmas Carol - adaptation of the Charles Dickens Classic

2002/3: Enemy of the People - Arthur Miller

2001/2: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Dale Wasserman (adapted from the Ken Kersy novel)

2000/1: The Inspector General - Nikolai Gogol

1999/2000: Our Town - Thornton Wilder
1998/9: The Birds - Aristophanes
1997/8: Go Ask Alice - anonymous
1996/7: The Lark - Jean Anouilh
1995/6: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - an adaptation of the Douglas Adam novels
1994/5: The Hobbit - an adaptation of Tolkien's classic story
1993/4: Fans - Mike English
1992/3: Fahrenheit 451 - an adaptation of Ray Bradbury novel
1991/2: The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton,

Drama Club Productions

2016/17 The 10 Best/Worst Things about High School directed by Shae

2015/16 Voices of the Unheard directed & written by Morgan Woolf

20011/12 Homer

2008/9: Alice directed by Pat Lengert

2006/7: The Grave directed and written by Heather Press

2005/6: Clue directed by Nolan Palyvos & David Schultz

2004/5: Arabian Nights directed by David Schultz

Labyrinth directed by Kristin Bennett
Breakfast Club directed by Karla Kloeble
Monty Python and the Holy Grail directed by Niki Ashenbrenner
Princess Bride
Alice in Wonderland directed by Norman MacDonald
Dracula directed by Caryn Swark & Crystal Kennedy.


Dark Inward Journey
Down the Rabbit Hole
Resignation Redemption


Safe Schools Conference
Haunted House
Kidney Foundation Scare Zone
Peace Conference Workshop
St. Mary Stations of the Cross
School Conference at Western Development Museum
Giving Thanks Elementary Tour

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Complete Archive Fall Productions:
2016/17 The Chysalids 2015/16 Conference of the Birds 2014/15 Curious Incident...
by raymon (10/2/18 5:48 AM)
Course Description Drama 10, 20
and 30 Class Announcements Drama 10 Drama 20 Drama 30...
by raymon (1/29/12 8:11 PM)
Model from Development through Drama - Brian Way Grade Levels Model from BC Curriculum...
by raymon (4/22/09 2:27 AM)
Latest 2008/9
by raymon (3/25/09 5:22 AM)
Assignments 104 1. Keep a
class journal. An entry for each class documenting your experience....
by raymon (3/25/09 5:20 AM)
I adore this scene.
by actout (8/26/08 11:50 AM)
THE ECSTASY OF RITA JOE This year marks the 20th...
by raymon (6/28/08 3:26 AM)
Feehan Productions Archive Complete Archive
Ecstasy of Rita Joe '07 Lotus '06 '05
by raymon (6/28/08 2:57 AM)
Welcome to Drama Classes
Information about the Drama Classes of R. Montalbetti. To post please...
by raymon (12/8/07 8:59 AM)
A creative adaptation of Deepa Mehta’s Water by Ms. Michalenko & Mr. Montalbetti...
by raymon (12/8/07 8:42 AM)

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